Provider Benchmark Project


  1. Benchmarking Participant Demographic Trends to all 401(k) plans as well as industry specific.
  2. Benchmarking Plan Provisions to all 401(k) plans as well as industry specific.


  1. Conducting a Formal Benchmark Study Annually to assistance in assessing reasonableness of plan related fees presented in the 408(b)(2) Disclosure.
  2. Analysis of Fee disclosure documents and providing education on Participant Fee disclosure requirements.
  3. Plan Review and assistance identifying potential opportunities to revise methodology of accruing revenue and allocating recording-keeping costs.
  4. Provide support to help you evaluate an ERISA account, confirm plan document permits plan to pay permissible expenses, support to help you amend document as necessary.


  1. Analysis of the merits of using a Custom Target Date fund that incorporates benefits unique to your company or unique demographics.
  2. Re-enrollment QDIA assistance.
  3. Provide support to assist you with ERISA budget.
  4. Provide support to assist you with Management and Advocacy of Enforcement of Performance Standard Guarantees.
  5. Help you confirm 404(c) election on IRS form 5500 and in SPD. Help you confirm all notices are being delivered to all with account balances.

Participant Education:

  1. Evaluation/review of participant advice program.
  2. Retiree Investment and Advice Offerings.
  3. Provide support to help you monitor small balance counts and force out program.
  4. Provide support to help you retain large accouns for former participants.
  5. Supplemental Participant education support for participants with 100% in SVF.
  6. Support in integrating an NQ benefits into 401(k) Participant Experience.
  7. Identify Total Rewards inclusive of 401(k).
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